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Home cook and help wanted - Plymouth/Maple Grove general question Updated:1/29/23 Household help wanted near Plymouth/near wayzata high school I am looking for someone who can come home to cook, kitchen cleanup, laundry etc. Flexible schedule 
general question   Updated: 1/29/23
Baby sitter available at downtown(personalised) child care wanted Minneapolis Updated:1/29/23 Hi, If you are looking for inhome  baby sitter or  child care in downtown which is more of personalised and not commercial you can reach out to me. I have a daughter  and come from pet free and smoke free house  Surely it would be home away f
child care wanted Minneapolis Updated: 1/29/23
Car pool from Roseville to Brooklyn park travel companion Updated:1/29/23 Hi, I am looking to join a car pool or any other transport option from Roseville to Brooklyn Park for office commute. If anyone has an availability, please call me at +1-3204061920.
travel companion   Updated: 1/29/23
MSP to Chicago Ride needed Jan 29/30/31 ride share/car pool Eden Praire Updated:1/28/23 I need a ride from Minneapolis to chicago, I will share the gas expenses, Thanks
ride share/car pool Eden Praire Updated: 1/28/23
Looking for Housekeeper in Woodbury MN other Updated:1/28/23 Hello - I need help for housekeeping work ( 3 days a week, Kitchen area cleaning, bathroom cleaning). Rates we can discuss. Please respond.
other   Updated: 1/28/23
Looking for Indian nany in Woodbury child care wanted Updated:1/28/23 hello - I am looking for Indian Nany for our 4 and 1 year old child, 5 days a week, part time / full time. Price we can discuss. Please let me know.
child care wanted   Updated: 1/28/23
Friends want to make friends Updated:1/27/23 Hi Looking for friends to visit places, taste different kind of foods etc thanks
want to make friends   Updated: 1/27/23
Cricket players needed- leather ball(RSCC) sports/cricket companion Updated:1/27/23 Description: Looking to play some serious cricket in Minneapolis, please join us. we Play cricket all summer long.  We are looking for players for current season. Raghu A 6122481753
sports/cricket companion   Updated: 1/27/23
Looking for math tutor - Eagan MN training/tutor wanted Updated:1/26/23 We are looking for a math tutor for 10th grade math to teach in our home in Eagan, MN. 
training/tutor wanted   Updated: 1/26/23
Going to DALLAS, TX general question Minneapolis Updated:1/26/23  Am seeing if anybody needs assistance Moving to Dallas,Tx ? Or any other City? Profesional Driver. If interested Call/Txt.  952.232.9313 Terry
general question Minneapolis Updated: 1/26/23
Need Travel Companion from Mumbai to Minneapolis travel companion Updated:1/26/23 Hello, We need a travel companion at the end of April 23 from Mumbai to Minneapolis.  I need for my parents to come from Mumbai.  Let me know if any help I can get.  Please reach out to me at at earliest. 
travel companion   Updated: 1/26/23
Need ride from MSP to Chicago - Feb 22nd/23rd ride share/car pool Updated:1/26/23 Hi,  I'm looking for a ride from Minneapolis  to Chicago Anytime between Feb 22nd/23rd Thanks,
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/26/23
Need good cricket players (hard tennis ball) sports/cricket companion Updated:1/25/23 Hi All, If you speak Hindi and not able enjoy Cricket with your other team mates, come and join us and scream in Hindi. We are one of the teams playing "hard tennis ball" cricket in the Twin Cities, primarily in the MTBC league, Woodbury Cup an
sports/cricket companion   Updated: 1/25/23
HomeCooking(@yourHome) Home Food Wanted Eden Prairie Updated:1/24/23 Hello, If anyone looking for Home cooking service at your home please let me know. I can cook all varieties of food like Biryani's, Break fast, Chapatis, Veg/Non-Veg Curries, Chinese, Snacks and any Veg/Non-veg staters and Soups..Please contact me
Home Food Wanted Eden Prairie Updated: 1/24/23
Swagruha foods (snacks/sweets) in Edina Home Food Wanted Edina parklawn Updated:1/23/23 Hello everyone, I AM PROVIDING HOMEMADE SNACKS IDLI DOSA BATTER CAN BE DONE! sweets and snacks can also be prepared on order starting from 1lb or 2lb or more. 3 days prior to order is necessary. sweets like boondhi ladoo, Mysore pa
Home Food Wanted Edina parklawn Updated: 1/23/23
Offering Chess Training Classes other Updated:1/23/23 Hello, I am an International rated chess player offering chess classes both online and in-person. If interested, email me for details.
other   Updated: 1/23/23
Nanny wanted child care wanted Updated:1/22/23 Hi  I m home stay mom with a toddler and 3 months old baby. I m looking for a Nanny who can come & take care of my 3 months old son, 5 days a week. Elderly person is better, who can stay in our home and can go in weekends. We live in Mckni
child care wanted   Updated: 1/22/23
Ayurvedic in home massage available other Updated:1/22/23 Contact me only females in home pre natal post natal and deep tissue massage available only females 
other   Updated: 1/22/23
Looking for Massage other Updated:1/22/23 Hi I’m looking for Indian massage only females 
other   Updated: 1/22/23
Post pregnancy care home food wanted Updated:1/20/23 Hi, I am looking for two things as below. Please call me at +1-3204061920 if you can provide any of them: 1) homemade “ladoos” which are given to new moms after delivery in India for health recovery. I can arrange pick up on my own. 2) Some la
home food wanted   Updated: 1/20/23
Looking for Cricket Players sports/cricket companion Updated:1/19/23 Hi, We are looking for players who is interested in Tennis ball Cricket. Please do reach out at or call us at 612 227 4671. Thank you
sports/cricket companion   Updated: 1/19/23
Cooking at home Home Food Wanted Updated:1/18/23 Hello, I am looking for someone who can come to my home and help with cooking and kitchen clean up. Location is in Plymouth , next to the Wayzata High School. Please reach out if interested. 
Home Food Wanted   Updated: 1/18/23
Ride required. ride share/car pool Updated:1/18/23 Looking for a ride from Minneapolis to Fargo, ND. Going to Fargo(NDSU) on Monday morning and back to Minneapolis on Friday evening. Can Share gas expenses.
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/18/23
RAV4 available for rent starting from 10th Feb ride share/car pool Updated:1/18/23 2017 Toyota RAV4 available for rent starting from 10th Feb
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/18/23
Home Cook Wanted Home Food Wanted Updated:1/18/23 I need help with cooking and kitchen clean up after. Prefer week days. Location in Plymouth by Wayzata High School. Must be able to commute by themselves. 
Home Food Wanted   Updated: 1/18/23
Rides available for Concordia University - St Paul ride share/car pool Updated:1/18/23 Hi, I provide rides to Concordia University St Paul at affordable prices on whenever you required. Will be able to handle both drop and pick up at any time.
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/18/23
Home cooked HALAL daily food wanted Home Food Wanted Updated:1/18/23 Looking for  DESI, halal home cooked daily food ( tiffin) service available near Prior Lake/Shakopee/Eden Prairie or Minnetonka. Was looking for maybe a bi-weekly pickup if not daily , for one person to last for a week. Thank you
Home Food Wanted   Updated: 1/18/23
Ride available from Eden Prairie to any location ride share/car pool Updated:1/17/23 Hi, I will provide ride from Eden Prairie to any location. Will be able handle both drop and pick up. If you are interested you can contact me.
ride share/car pool   Updated: 1/17/23
Midweek Hindu Satsang want to make friends Updated:1/17/23 Seeking  midweek Hindu practice opportunities in Woodbury/East Twin Cities.  Gita, yoga etc.
want to make friends   Updated: 1/17/23
Home daycare child care wanted Updated:1/13/23 I am looking for home daycare in Lakeville. 
child care wanted   Updated: 1/13/23