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'Bynature,I would call myself a person with a musical bent of mind. I spent many lovely years in the presence of mygrandmother and uncleswhoaremusically inclined and I suppose my association with these people has given me something that I believe is the greatest tool in theworld of Music Faith!'

And it was by Faith alone that I took this leap into the world of Music. I completedmyBachelors in Music from MadrasUniversity andhave been a trainer,teacherandmentor in this field for over a decade equipping around 6000 students. Along the way I also trained myself and completed four grades of plectrum guitar from TrinityCollege, London.

My greatest learning in this journey as a musician would be that I am under the tutelage of Smt.Sukanya Chandru, the daughter and disciple of DK Jayaraman. Journey as a musician and trainer, has been a delightful sagahelping my studentsdiscover the true essence of music. Empowering them to their potential and contributing to the consciousness as a wholetowhatIlove. On a personal note, this journey of every student is a self-discovery and an opportunity to connect to Divine.

My teaching methodology has been my strength throughout this journey. I strongly believe that the attributes of a beautiful voiceissomething that is not part of oneself right from the time we are born but that it develops with practice and training, and that's where my ideology of "Anybody can sing" comes in picture.I am very glad to say that in my institute,music is fine tuned tosuitone's need while maintaining the ethics and the philosophy of Indian Carnatic Music.

It is ablessing and my pleasure to have foundedMadhuMaalikaand be a part of it as a Musician and Trainer.I am very happy to beavailable to help, guide and assist an individual for his/her journey in Music.

The journey is ongoing and I currentlypursue Masters in Music from Madras University and equipping myself to be a doctorate in the field of Music.

-Madhumitha Chandrasekar